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Test Business Entry
Ok, developing a generic table to display data for the search results that are pulled from the database. Click here to see what is done thus far RECORD DISPLAY.

Notes section on the side
Ok, so you can now leave me a note, but be warned that everytime you resubmit or "Post Note", it will over-write the old note. So if you want to leave multiple notes, just leave it as one big one, or copy-paste the original with the new note

Links for Categories & some other stuff
The categories up top now return "search results" based off of what link you clicked on. Nothing major, just thought I'd do a little work on it. Also put some imagery on our site so I can start messing around with formatting.

Search Bar actually searches
The search bar actually works now, but we don't have anything to search from :P. All it does it take your text input, and your selection from the drop down box, and spit it back out at you in the form of the $_GET variables.

Page gets started!!!!
I'm finally getting this page started. Best of luck to me!!

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